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Car Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents are often distressing, whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, a passenger or the driver, and you will need to be sure that your claim will be managed properly by a team of specialists.

Our RTA claims team will be able to help you, if:

  • Had been hurt whilst travelling as a passenger
  • Have been seriously injured in an accident that wasnt your fault
  • Have received injuries as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedstrain
  • Have been in an RTA with an uninsured driver
  • Want to claim using a firm who will help you make a simple, no fuss compensation claim

Regardless of whether you were injured because of an uninsured driver or suffered from whiplash after a collision, our legal specialists have extensive experience in dealing with road traffic claims and are focused on helping you to get the justice you deserve. We know from experience that a lot of people might be unsure about their right to claim – our team will be able to talk you through and give you simple, clear guidance on what you need to do next.

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

Our helpful advisors will do all of the form filling and hard work so you dont have to. Simply fill in our quick claim form and one of our expert advisers will be in contact or if you prefer you can speak directly to someone now by calling our 24/7 claims line on 0800 122 3130. You can also request a call back – either way your claim will be dealt with immediately either way.

What Do I need to make a claim?

The more information you can give us at the beginning of your claim, the faster we can process the case and get you the financial compensation you deserve. Its very rare that our clients can easily give us all the information we require at the beginning of their claim but the following information is usually really useful, you may want to sit down and note down some of the answers before you contact us. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the information, as mentioned above we would not expect you to, as we can carry out investigations to get the facts but the more help you give us, the faster we can help you:

  • The location of the accident
  • Do you have/need a hire car?
  • The weather conditions
  • Was responsibility admitted on the scene – did one of the other drivers admit it was their fault?
  • Details of your injury including whether or not you have been arranged an appointment with a doctor
  • The time and date of the incident
  • The registration details of your car and the other vehicles involved in the collision
  • Information of the other driver(s) insurance if you have them
  • Information on any witnesses
  • Details of the drivers/passengers in the other vehicles
  • Have you arranged your vehicle repairs yet?
  • Your own insurance details
  • Details about any passengers

Don’t be put off by the list and don’t be concerned if you don’t have the details, we can find them out for you. At Gallium Legal we always try to make our clients conscious of what information we are looking for when you contact us, whether it is in relation to an RTA matter or indeed any other kind of personal injury claim, and we hope the above list helps.